Saturday, April 4, 2009


Some days I have little angels for children. Some days I do not. We started our "Sad-da-day" morning with a trip to Walmart for toilet paper, sparkle shoes, sunglasses, and mushrooms:-) We checked the redbox when we went in for a movie, and they didn't have anything. Kenna immediately fell apart. She wanted to see Kung Fu Fi-tee-ing (she says it like the song:-). For some reason, today was the day that no explanation as to why we can't rent something that isn't there would suffice. We came very close to leaving the store for an attitude adjustment. She settled down in the nick of time.

Kenna's sunglasses from last year got broken and as the weather has been turning to summer, she is in dire need of some. That girl has the ability to go from perfectly fine to an emotional wreck in .001 seconds. One minute she's singing happily in her carseat and the next she is SCREAMING at Mr Sun to leave her alone (annoying screetching and drama aside, it is pretty funny to hear her tyrade). The sunglasses were a definite must, and they had a few choices, so we were trying them all on. Now it was Brooks' turn to freak out over the fact that he didn't get any, nor could he touch them. He loves to pull on the arms just a little too hard:-) MINE, MINE! As he tries to grab everything in sight. Quickly, on our way to the checkout I grabbed a big bag of animal crackers on sale in the main aisle. "I hode it?" Brooksie asks? Sure you can hold it. By the time we reached the register, as I unloaded the other items he managed to bite through the bag and grab 2 massive handfuls. He was shoving his little mouth so full, as if he'd never eaten before. ARGH! Somedays nothing goes right. And somedays nap time comes a little early!! :-)

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