Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blue Lagoon

Yesterday Brian had to do a side job at a house on the Sandbridge beach, and we all decided to go for the ride. The kids love the water, and I knew there was a swingset's about a 30-40min drive to that area.

The house is called the Blue Lagoon. It's a duplex actually, and it's awesome. It's a rental house for summer vacationers. Right now it's for sale for 800k, but is actually worth 1.2M. It makes about 60k a year. Brian has all the info as he WANTS to buy it. Of course it will be a long time before we could afford that! He did a lot of work on it last summer, and I helped out too...painting decks. There are a thousand decks on this house. That was a long hot day!

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom on the lower floor. Connects to the upstairs by a stair case (with a door). There is another 5 bedrooms on the upper two floors and 2 baths. And an outdoor shower. Love it!

The pool, not quite ready for guests yet!

The lower floor kitchen

Main floor kitchen as seen from upper balcony

"This could be my pink bed!" - Kenna

You can pull your boat right up into the garage. The only house in Sandbridge with this feature, apparently.

View from the back. The back of the house is on the Bay, across the street in the front is where the "tide & beach" ocean is. Gorgeous and serene views!!

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