Monday, April 20, 2009


Saturday evening we rented an arena to play broom hockey with the youth group. Before that there is always a free skate to rough up the ice, since we run on our shoes on the ice, so we were all able to go an hour early and skate for free. I decided to take the kids for that first hour and see how they did. It was late...didn't start until 8:30, so I think that contributed a little bit, since they were quite tired...but Kenna did amazingly well, despite a few little whiny issues (I love bedtime!). Brooks was a little too young for it still, but he LOVED Brian to skate him around "really fast". We started to pack up at 9:30, Brooks cried and cried when we left because we didn't play hockey. I tried to explain skating is part of hockey, to no avail. They both fell asleep on the drive home (SO rare), they were zonked!

Kenna, doing quite well skating/walking on skates:-) Her friend Libby is behind her.

Daddy skated them really fast. All the other Daddy shots I have are really blurry:-/

Brooks would stand on the rubber floor, but would not take a step. On the ice, he could feel that it was different and would just crumple his legs, not even trying to stand up. He'll do better when he is a little older I think!

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