Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day - Video

This is Boxing Day, in the afternoon, after nap time (notice the bed head!). I lost my voice due to my cold. It's still gone, but doing much better. At least I can talk a little louder without cracking. Here is "Glorious", revisited.

Star light, star bright

Just some more of his little jabbering, I haven't put any video of him talking on the blog yet, so I am making up for lost time:-)

Counting, for some reason when we got to five it inspired him to start our phone number (the zeros come after the 5 in our number), too cute.


  1. Thank you for the video's, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the kids. Brents favorite was definitely the angry face from Brooks. Mom and I were looking at some of the pictures earlier and noticing how Brooksies face is slimming since we saw him, too cute! We love you guys very much and we are glad you had a great Christmas

  2. Yes, I think his face is slimming a bit, and also the new haircut contributes to that look, it just changes his face somehow.