Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Daddy Loves Mommy & Little Bird

Yesterday we were all hanging out on the couch together and Brian said to Kenna "Do you know who Daddy's favourite person is?". She didn't skip a beat and said "Josh Simmons", who is a friend from church. We both cracked up laughing!

Today I wanted to capture the pigtail look, hard to do with this girl...almost got it, Thanks A Lot Brooksie!

Big Bird Story - Tonight on the way to church I brought along her Big Bird sippy cup. She was talking about the cup, "Oh it's a bird..." which started her off on her whole spiel about birds eat poison berries. Not kids. Not Kenna. Only birds. Dey like dem. Dey like poison berries. And on and on it goes. Then she says "Whats the birds name?" It's Big Bird. "No no what's his NAME" It's Big Bird, that's his name, remember from the show? She asked a few more times about his NAME, then she had a minor freak out. For those of you that know her and the way she talks, she just starts rambling on and on, very fast and very expressively. Usually you cannot tell what she is trying to say, but today she was clear as a bell. "But MOM, Daddy is bigger and Mommy is bigger and Kenna and Brooksie is bigger and uh-zhee-body is bigger and Daddy and Mommy!" I told her she was right...he was pretty little on her cup, so maybe his name could be Little Bird. That made her pretty happy:-)

No, look at me, not the sky!

Again, having a hard time looking at the camera for more than a second.

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