Friday, August 22, 2008

Beach Babies

We went to the beach today and had lots of fun! Kenna is such a water baby, wanting to go further and further out to get the big waves. Brooks was a little scared by the whole thing and didn't want the water to touch was really his first time at the beach since he's been walking and stuff, and he was very cautious. We tried to bury Kenna in the sand and she hated it, but Brooks loved it! So between the two of them, they love the sand and surf. I asked Kenna what she liked best about the beach, and she said "My favourite part is da water!" Brian had the day off today, and I know now why I don't try to take the two of them alone. Kenna requires attention so she doesn't get swept off and you leave Brooks for one moment and he is off jibbering at sun-bathers. His impressive vocabulary today was "juice juice juice" to everyone he saw. Not to mention the stroller weighs a thousand pounds when trying to drag it through the sand:-( We had a very happy family day!

Buried alive!

Kenna and I, waiting for a wave to come in so we could jump over it!

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