Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Happy Campers

And these pics posted in reverse order. WHY? So here's what we'll do - scroll to the bottom and start there. Or read it last to first. Whatever strikes your fancy๐Ÿ˜œ...

A quick tour of the inside. Super bougee  ๐Ÿ˜‚

Brooks accomplished his first 360 on the kneeboard - I think the kids phone has a video of that - but that phone is currently in rice, so we'll see if we get that eventually. Eek. I'll post a few videos now. All in all it was a great weekend away - we hope to do more of it in the colder months when we can't go out on the boat, since all our weekends are pretty full with that these days. Vale named the trailer the Happy Camper the second she saw it - I guess there is a Minnie Mouse episode with Minnie's Happy Camper, and she recognized it instantly and said "Dad! You got a Minnie Mouse Happy Camper for me?!" Haha! So that kind of settled it. It's not the most unique name for a trailer, but it works:-)

There is a plane in this pic, it was closer up in person, but pics always make things look far away. Anyway, it was landing on the water, and giving people rides on Sunday, super cool. Brooks was "chasing it" from the water on the jetski. I will post of video of it above.

The decided sleeping the other way on the bed (it's a queen) could fit all three, so they tried that and liked it! Air mattress was pumped and ready to go in case they wore out of the idea in the middle of the night. Like I mentioned, technically only a 4 person camper, but there is so much space, that it's very easy to adapt it to 6 people. For eating inside, we put Vale in her portable highchair on the floor, and add an extra fold up chair to the end of the table, since it only came with 4 seats. We already owned a small lightweight foldup table & chair so we brought them along to extend the space. Didn't need the table this time, just the chair, but didn't hurt to have it. I'll add some videos next. 
Toad in the hole breakfast! Yummier than cereal anyway, hah! Probably my fave way to eat eggs!
Dinner again! I didn't want to use the oven, because I knew how hot it would be - stove top dinners prepped and brought. Everything was delicious. This is a beef and broccoli teriyaki. We did the meat outside and rice and veggies inside. Leftovers microwaved easily for lunch the next day!
But it was a disaster!
She loved it...
It was literally 100 degrees all weekend. The campers AC units got a workout! After playing mini golf we got some delicious hand scooped ice cream at the trading post.

We learned how to play shuffleboard. So fun!
Brian wondered why I didn't bring whip cream, LOL
Daddy & Kenna slept in, so we cooked outside - there is a 2 burner stove top, a fridge and a sink in the outdoor kitchen. Super handy. First night we had smashburgers on the outdoor stove. Technically not a grill, so we're making it work! It was delicious!!
I premade waffle batter, and we had waffles for breakfast on the 1st morning.
1st night the boys took the pullout, and Kenna did an air mattress on the floor. Last time, she did the couch.
The master bedroom has a large/deep couch/sitting area in it. It's a perfect bed for Vale. Actually, even Grey fits on it.
Vale liked the playground best.
Mini golf!
1st time playing tetherball!

I don't even know what this is, but the kids were excited:-)
We got a slip for the jetski which was great!

Our view!

Kids just chilling out and playing some games.
We arrived and got set up without too many issues;-/ We're still newbies to the trailer life, so we experience hiccups along the way for lack of experience - but we (Brian) figured it all out.
We love you Luc!
This weekend is the 1 yr anniversary of Luc's passing. We drove past the Burger King in Emporia - where Brian and Luc installed that blue metal roof years ago.

We've taken it out on another weekend trip in Williamsburg. But it poured rain the entire time, so yeah. This time we took it to Lake Gaston in NC, a 2 hr drive from our house. I pulled the jetski, Brian pulled the trailer.
We got a travel trailer in the Spring. For a variety of reasons which maybe I'll go into in detail another time. But mainly because we'd like to get a property someday, and potentially build, but have a place to stay in the meantime etc. And I guess it was a good deal. It's a SportTrek 343VIK - it's 38 ft long, and technically sleeps 4, although there is plenty of space so we're making it work for 6.

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