Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Maiden Voyage

Last year we bought a jetski - it's been amazing fun. Brian had wanted to buy one, probably forever...but at least for a few years. In fact, in 2017, (though we weren't quite ready to financially pull it off), Brian let the family vote - Dog, or Boat? ...I was the only one who voted Boat (he didn't vote). I mean Solomon is fine. But I stand by my vote. 😂😂😂. Well, last year was the year! And...Covid hit. I guess you'd think that would have nothing to do with boating, but you'd be wrong. Apparently in a crisis - EVERYONE BUYS A BOAT. 😲 Who knew?! We thought that, naturally, boating is a niche thing, and there'd be a ton of them to choose from. Wrong. Covid at first shut down the manufacturing plants for about 4wks in Mar/Apr. Even if it hadn't, but especially because it did, there was just no recovering...guess what everyone figured out real quick - You're outside, relatively alone/small group/family and it's so fun. Also, can't spend money on travel or the yearly family vacay, soooo "Let's all buy a jetksi!". We were extremely fortunate to find this one used (a 2017), and thoroughly enjoyed it every weekend! The kids learned tubing, kneeboarding, and a bit of waterskiing too!

Baby Blue, our Yahama jetski
Brian had his eye on the boats still though - and also, completely sold out, country wide - not just in our area. Insanity. We found one unpurchased. Literally one, in early January. He decided to go for it! It's been too cold to take it out, and it's been taunting us! Last weekend we were able to go, as it was pretty nice - the water itself is still too cold to go in (so no jetski because you get wet), but the boat!! Here are some pics from our maiden voyage. There's a public boat ramp a couple miles from our house by the Great Bridge, so we let in there.

Brian named the boat 😅

Vale LOVED it

She got a little tired

The big kids have been DYING to go out on the boat. They were on cloud nine

It's 21 ft, and seats 10 or so people. Wasn't really B's preferred colour scheme, but you don't get any choices in this market. If you don't take it as is, someone else will!

It's a jetboat - really like a big floating computer 😂 It has 2 of the jetski engines in it. 

We are so looking forward to warmer weather and getting the kids up on the wakeboard/skis etc! 

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