Monday, March 15, 2021

Kennedy's Golden Birthday

I think somewhere between 1979 and now, Golden Birthdays became a thing. I'd certainly never heard of them growing up, but now they seem to be "all the rage"...I guess. Some one told my kids about it anyway, and so it's certainly quite the anticipated event here 😂 Kenna has been planning her Golden Birthday (when you turn the age that your birthday is on) - 15 on the 15th...for YEARS. Basically the plan just encompassed "make everything gold". So it fell to me to build an actual birthday plan - and this is what I came up with!
A tee shirt with a golden fifteen on it from an Etsy shop. And Golden cereal was chosen (it actually IS a fave of hers, tied with Capn Crunch, but I will say the "retro recipe" using's not as good as the regular ones we're used to 😬)

I ordered balloons on Amazon. A pack of "gold' ones - white, solid gold, and 2 varieties of clear with gold glitter inside. We made a balloon banner to hang - never done this before, but it was easy, and looked cool. Attractive and fun without being too "little kiddish".

The cake - I bought some edible gold leaf to apply. I purchased a wedding cake topper in gold from an Etsy shop, and just had it personalized with her name instead of the suggested "Mr & Mrs". It wasn't very expensive (I think $8 as I recall, and it's delicate, but can definitely be reused on a cake again, or as another decor thing in her room or something). I purchased edible gold spray paint (Wilton brand) and gold sprinkles/sugar
She wanted a chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing, so the white buttercream was deceiving!
It is hard to tell from the pics, but it was a shimmery cake. The gold spray paint gave a really light shimmer to the whole thing, and I did more coats down at the bottom to make it darker gold. All the food we chose We had Rold Gold pretzels, cheddar chips, golden oreos, white chocolate mini oreos - spray painted gold, and then any other candy we could find individually wrapped in gold. I think it was Hershey's with toffee bits inside, Reese's peanut butter cups, Rolos, Ferrero Rocher, Werthers, Ghirardelli's Caramel. The main course we couldn't really think of much "gold" but went with Subs, because that is one of her top fave foods.

She invited her best friends, Savannah, Clara, Ellen, Grace, Krista and Kayla. I had a gold themed craft for them to do (Paint, Glitter, and butterfly, initials & flowers to apply if desired). They all turned out very differently, but very pretty. They also played Drawful which is a fun game from Jackbox on Amazon. It's a version of pictionary, but always fun with a crowd.
One of the girls finished golden frame

Vale was SO excited to sing happy birthday. SO EXCITED. Thankfully big sister didn't mind sharing the spotlight


She had a fun party - not actually on her birthday because the 15th wasn't a weekend:-/ So it felt like the never ending birthday celebration! 

Love this kid, can't believe how grown up she is now! 

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