Monday, November 6, 2017

Summer Fun

It's been a year since our big renovation! It took us a little time to get our feet under us again after that, but I feel like we're doing pretty good! I'll have to post house update pics soon. But anyway, for awhile we couldn't really accommodate large crowds like we used to, but I think we're "there" again. We tested that theory by having 50+ people over for a BBQ. It worked out really well!
A bunch of the men started a "keep the ball up" game or something. It was well over 100 degrees out and incredibly humid. They were literally soaked to the bone in sweat (ew).

We have a "pop up" beach tent that we set up for additional shade. There is nothing "pop up" about it, it really takes a little effort to set up, but it sure does work well, so it was nice to have. So part of our summer fun has been: Friends
The other part of our summer fun, as always: Water
They love love love the ocean, and I love that. They are getting to be good like body surfers, and have zero fear, even when there are riptides.
*Found this post in the drafts folder, never posted, from Summer 2016*

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