Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Family Video 2017

We had our pictures taken again this year, of course! It really is one of my favourite parts of the year. It's fun to coordinate wardrobes and scout a good location. As always, I like to try and vary my photographer, if possible. I love pictures so much, and they are a form of art - each artist has his own take on it, and I like that personality to be a little different, if I have that option available to me, and this year, I did!! Luke Rieke took our pictures this year, and he's quite talented. He is our former pastor's son, and was in youth group when Brian was the youth pastor there. We decided on a downtown Norfolk scene - and I think it suits us. I adore city shoots. Anyway, enjoy our pics with a little walk down memory lane - because I know we're all thinking, how did these kids get so big?!

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