Friday, May 8, 2015


The taming of the wild-cat is coming along! Our little pretty kitty, Becky Thatcher is becoming a house cat:-) She still won't let us pick her up, but she loves to play, will eat out of our hand, lick us, and sleep with us! (Us being Brian, Darla and Kenna - the boys are too loud and hyper and generally spook her right from the get-go causing her to run and hide under a bed or couch).

All three are siblings, from the same litter, but she's so tiny by comparison. You can see in a few pics here how much smaller she is than the boys.
Huck and Sawyer in the foreground, and Thatcher in the back, she's a teeny little girl!

Huck is long haired and bushy tailed cat, and Thatch is short haired, short tailed cat. Sawyer is also short haired, but has a longer tail - perhaps to do with his height? He's a lot taller than she is

Laying in Kenna's window sill. She has such a pretty little face. She and Huck both have very similar facial expressions, and remind us often of Toothless from the How To Train Your Dragon movies.
*Kenna is upset that she "ruined" the video by calling her a boy at the end. She said she was thinking about how she wanted to show the boys this video, and 'her mind mixed up the words' :-) A cute little clip of Thatch playing with Kenna, while she was supposed to be doing homework.

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