Friday, May 22, 2015

Bit Your Tongue?

The kids are always stealing some sort of device to "capture moments" - also known as "waste memory space". Yesterday, unbeknownst to me, Kenna videotaped Brooks on the tablet, throwing up peanuts and catching them in his mouth. I guess he'd done a bunch, and so she had him display the trick. Only this time - yes, he caught it - but bit his tongue afterwards.

The look on his face, and him holding his tongue was moments before he burst into tears. Kenna comforted him by assuring him we caught it all on tape (although she cut it off right before the waterworks started). We showed him the video - I thought he might get upset that we were laughing at him and not with him, as he is typically very sensitive about anything having to do with his non-existent pain threshold. Watching his own face and reaction totally cracked him up. He laughed so hard, and said, "we gotta put this on youtube!" LOL.

We showed Daddy, who also died laughing. So, be careful - catching peanuts means you might bite your tongue!

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