Saturday, November 23, 2013

Just Because...

I'm impatient:-) And there is really nothing to show, yet.

We had our family pictures taken this morning. Early morning. Like, I was in the shower at 6am, and out the door by 7:20. Perfect way to spend a Saturday morning, right:-) But honestly, I just adore picture day. Maybe more than Christmas, even!
Ironing our shirts

Brooks got a trim - at a "real" hair place. His had been sooooo long, it was really hard to style and layer, so we had it done for us:-)
 Photo shoot! We love Chani - she is an amazing photographer, and VERY affordable. If you are in my area, call me, I'll hook you up with her. Her only thing...the "best light"'s at 7:30am. So be prepared for that. Ok, ok, there was an afternoon option too, but that didn't work as well for Brian's work schedule.
So, after we were done - I totally went to Walmart. In heels and fake lashes. At 9am. This has got to be the definition of all dressed up with no place to go:-)
 And Grey. He needed a haircut too. So Brian went to work. With a combo of buzzing and's ADORABLE! And the very first time Grey has had his hair this short. Baby, no more.

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