Monday, July 30, 2012

Fun Filled

We had a busy and fun filled weekend! Kick it off on Friday night with the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. We had special Cokes to commemorate the event, and let the kids stay up until after Canada had gone by in the parade of nations.
I love the beginning, where the children choirs from the 4 isles of the UK sang hymns (and Danny Boy, not exactly a hymn) what a great way to kick it off! I loved the opening line, quoting Shakespeare, "Do not be afeard, the isle is full of noises", and I enjoyed the Mr Bean routine, the forging of the rings, and the Queen as a Bond girl too:-) Some of the other parts were too weird and strange for me, but overall it was enjoyable. I really loved the torch at the end, how all the leaves carried in by each nation lit up and were raised to become one giant torch. Unique and cool.
Let the games begin! We love to cheer for both Canada and the US, and only have conflict when they are against each other:-)

Then on Saturday morning I had a baby shower to attend (the nautical cake), and Sat afternoon we traveled 2 hrs to Midlothian/Richmond area to visit our friends that have just moved away (military). Kenna made them a card. To: Sam, Hathr, Grase and Libbe. She actually didn't do too badly, considering she didn't ask for help:-) (Heather, Gracie & Libby, in case you couldn't tell)
Feeding his bunny. He has an active imagination

BLT's for lunch. Pinterest idea...perfect!! It works!

Heather did my nails for Lauren's wedding. The thumbs have a pretty design she drew on there!
The primary purpose for the trip was for Brian to build a deck for their hot tub, at their new house. The secondary purpose was hang out and see their new place! We adults had a great time, and the kids had a blast! They were so busy playing in fact, I didn't get any pics of them! For shame! But we'll be back often, I'm sure!
Getting it all squared up and level in the HEAT of summer. Fun.
Taking a break, watching the clouds roll by with Daddy

Brian and Sam, more breaks. It was excessively hot on Sunday, but even will all their breaks, they were done building it by about 2:30 in the afternoon

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