Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding Music - Video

It's our anniversary again. Time to share more wedding wonderfulness:-) Our wedding reception was  full of love. And a few musical numbers as well, in true Kennedy fashion. I'll share a few...

First up, one of my all time favourites. My Dad is not kidding about me crying. I would BAWL (and I wasn't even 3 years old yet). He had to stop singing it (literally for years), because it would upset me so much. To A Sleeping Beauty. If you have a daughter...grab a tissue.

*lyrics in { } are a slight change by my Dad from the original lyric

After my sister Lauryn's speech (my maid of honour), she invited me up so we could sing together one last time before I moved away. Lauryn & Darla - Doxology

Lastly, here is the "funny song". My Dad started a tradition of sorts with other people, (some cousins etc), of writing a song about them for the reception. So he did one for us. This song is full of all true things, by the way! Yes, I did bite my tongue (almost completely off) 2 times, actually. And Brian has a thing for the KJV, and has wrecked more than his share of cars:-) Fun memories of a great day!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Crazy to see how many years have gone by already!

  2. Wow. Just. wow. Amazing songs, how great you got them recorded! LOVED doxology, perfect pitch!