Monday, June 11, 2012

Lady A

Thanks to StubHub (where people can re-sell their tix), we had tickets in the 7th row (WOW) for the same cost as sitting on the lawn! Going to a concert is an interesting study in human behaviour, for sure. Some how, people that can apparently not afford to dress appropriately in public, can not only afford a ticket to the show, but multiple beers at $12 a pop (not kidding. That was the actual price on the menu board! - water for 4.50 per dasani bottle. WHAT?!). And who doesn't like to be surrounded by cigarette smoke and beer, scream-singing out lyrics to their favourite songs, en masse? It's a thing of beauty, I tell you :-) It was a really fun time, a long show (worth the money), and all 3 groups are amazing live (sounding just like the radio). We were up it was LOUD.

Phone pic! Lady A & their band

Thompson Square. They are a new group to the radio...but a good one! "You got me and Baby I got you!"

Darius Rucker was great. He did all of his new country stuff, like this one, and all his old Hootie and the Blowfish stuff too...with a little Hank Jr, Purple Rain (Prince), and Tom Petty thrown in there too. Great vocalist. Space Cowboy was one of my faves of the night. (although this video is from our area, it was not from last night...last night he had a green eggs and ham tee shirt on!)
And then...Lady A. Years ago, I kept hearing a song on the radio, and loved it...but kept missing who it was. Lady Antebellum? What's an Antebellum? Weird name, great sound. I loved them from that moment on. It's a catchy little tune, totally my style... and I can see my brother Jared rolling his eyes at me:-) Here's the song that started it all for me...Good Time

And a current fave, maybe the highlight of the night for me, was this song. Although the acoustic version of American Honey was pretty great too.
"To me you'll always be 18, and beautiful, and dancing away with my heart"
Thank you to my awesome hubby! He bought me a Lady A CD for my birthday in '11, and now surprised me with the show. He knows I love 'em! (perhaps because I insist on listening to the CD in the van all the time?:-)

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