Monday, May 14, 2012

Pics of Things

Random posting! We had a fun weekend, teeball and team picture day, another trip to the beach for some salty sandy fun, a haircut and...quite possibly the best thing that has happened to me EVER. I'm not really kidding either:-) Material possessions ought not make one quite so happy...but happy I am! I have been desiring a chest or upright freezer for the garage...forever. We have a side by side Frigidaire with the water/icemaker in the we have a teeny narrow freezer. It barely fits anything, and since I cook from scratch and buy on sale was always really hard to fit in everything I needed. So what, SEVEN years later...look what I got for Mothers Day!
Friends of our from Avalon Hills (church) had a garage sale...they are moving (military). Look what I scored!! A scratch & dent fridge/freezer combo they bought and never used. The inside is brand new, the door has a ding on it. Perfect for my garage! Here it is getting a baking soda treatment:-)
My main freezer is normally so jam packed full, that it's literally an avalanche every time you open the door or remove one tediously stacked item. This is one of those luxuries in life that will give me great joy (my buying power of on-sale meat for example!).
It was instantly plugged in, and loaded up with extras! Just that day we were given 3 loaves of bread, and 2 packs of bagels. Normally I have to give most of that away or it gets wasted since I don't have a way to preserve it until it goes bad. BINGO. Thank you freezer space!!! The kids and I spent time going through the main fridge & freezer today and moving stuff out there. Such a huge blessing and space saver. j'adore.
We had a great Mothers Day! Church, and then Applebee's for lunch. I was able to order a delicious meal from the menu that was 470 cals, so I didn't break my diet at all. Brian ordered a chicken dish that had Asiago cheese (aka Stinky cheese) on it. As soon as the food hit the table...
Kenna, sniffing: I smell barf. My food smells like barf!!
Brooks: Mine too. What is that smell? Did someone barf?

Despite all our explanations, they continued to moan about the barf smell and were not convinced that their cheese burger tasted fine. Lol.

Later in the evening I enjoyed my mothers day dessert. These 3 Hostess mini cakes are only 100cals (for all 3). Yay! Of course it's complete junk food, but hey, it's a holiday, right?
Brian played the last game of hockey for the season. He won't start up again until August. Byebye enormous hockey bag! See you in a few months!
Going through old boxes of stuff (mostly throwing everything away), I found my old film camera. It still had film in it, so I'm going to get it developed and see whats on was the only camera we had when dating/engaged/newly married, so there could be some old gems on there?!
It still whirs, flashes, zooms and clicks. Awesome new toy. Beware of a bright flash inches from your eyes without warning:-)
Brian got his getting long "hockey hair" cut this weekend. We were going for something like this:
Source: via Darla on Pinterest

Or like this:
Source: via Darla on Pinterest

It turned out great - more like the Adam Levine than the Gerard Butler, I think. But looks great. It's very short...hasn't been this short since we met I think. He didn't start going longer until late in 2002 when we were dating (confession: I love longer hair on guys)
Summer of 2002
  We managed not to get any pics of us this weekend. I'll have to get some and post!

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  1. LOL, the kids LOVE asiago cheese dip - they had it last night and I nearly barfed :D

    Sounds like a fun mother's day! And I can relate to your freezer woes - even with our small apartment size deep freeze downstairs (thank you Costco!) our upstairs freezer is an avalanche b/c it is missing a drawer so things are all piled up. Always an adventure! :D