Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dress Drama

Ok, I am in Lauren's wedding in August as a bridesmaid. She has selected to have each of her 6 bridesmaids wear a different dress in the same colour, all from David's Bridal, all gown length. The colour is Peacock, which is essentially Navy Blue, with just a slightly more green undertone. Very pretty. My problem: Lauren selected this dress for me to wear
I went into the store to get fitted and order it...and they CAN'T provide that dress in Peacock any time before September. WHA?! Momentary panic. The lady at the store told me Lauren picked out other styles that had not yet been claimed/assigned to anyone. Whew. She picked out this dress and it looked amazing. Done. Ordered. Crisis Adverted.
...so I thought! I turns out the lady was mistaken and another bridesmaid has ordered that same dress. Uh oh! So, I am going to see if I can cancel that order and have another dress sent for me. Lauren picked out additional styles...which one should I go for? HELP!

This one is perhaps closest to her original halter dress pick

This one is really pretty!

Not sure if I like this one as much as the others

Not bad...I think it would look nice on me

I think I am most inclined towards the light green strapless one...or maybe the first pink one...however, I am not sure if they will be able to get all these before the wedding too, so I might be limited to the ones that are readily available.

Thoughts, suggestions? I need to move fast on this I think. Making an appointment to go back in and try some of these on!


  1. I vote for the pink one. The light green one is too poofy at the stomach. Not so flattering. IMHO! :)

  2. I think you should go try them on. But in my opinion go for the brown on or the pink on that is like the halter top.

  3. I guess the blue strapless would be more flattering - but I didn't love the jewels across the top, and I somehow doubt those lines would fall into the right place, since I am bustier than the model for sure

  4. I'll probably try them all on, and see what I can get availability wise, and then just pick the most flattering one I can I suppose...