Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soccer Update

Soccer Season is moving along. There is plenty of shadow chasing, cloud gazing and random conversations...and occasionally, a blocked goal or kick at the ball. Half the time it looks like aimless running around, with sporadic inspiration to actually accomplish something soccer-game related. Kenna is a pro at diving over/on/toward/around the ball, while in net. It's quite an impressive move. She is not a pro however, when it comes to stopping the ball with any of these impressive moves. Brooks is actually a pretty good goalie. He pays attention and he likes it. Today we played the Green Team. There were a lot of almost-five-year-olds on that team, so they were much taller, faster, and more skilled. Our little Blue Team pretty much got trampled. Towards the end of the game, right after a water break, Brooks marches over to the coach on the Green Team, and says "You, you need to get the Green Team out of the way, so the Blue Team can sc-oy (score)". She thought that was hilarious. Nothing like stating the facts to get what you want! He doesn't like to lose, however, he still hasn't figured out that paying attention and going after the ball are the only ways to prevent that. He's such a little munchkin! Brian's been able to make it out to 2 of their 4 games so far, so that's been nice, they love to "show off" for him, so he can see them play. Tee-ball starts in the fall for Kenna...are we ready for another sport? :-)

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