Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Delays & Trip

Our flight out on Christmas Eve morning was cancelled due to a mechanical issue. Bummer! We were scheduled on the (apparent) next flights out, on the 26th, with a layover in Edmonton through to the morning of the 27th! We were pretty disappointed! With some sweet-talking my mom was able to find us a flight leaving on Christmas Day, and was able to extend the kids and my stay for a few extra days (the Air Canada lady on the phone felt bad that little kids should have to miss Christmas! Yay for us!). So our flights out went smoothly the second time around and the kids did marvelously! We actually landed ahead of schedule in each place we landed. Four separate flights, the kids were counting them down anxiously! We were also given food (thanks to the nice Air Canada lady on the phone?) on the plane, normally a service you have to pay for these days, but we had a $28 credit to buy whatever we wanted, so that was a really nice surprise!

As we were flying over the plaines of Saskatchewan, Kenna looked out the window and said "Wow, look at all that snow! We must be miles from home!" Haha! I had to snap a pic to commemorate that little comment:-)

Beginning our decent into Calgary, notice the Rockies in the distance!

Where in the world are we? I added a red dot to the map (on the A of Alberta), that's where we're at! It's quite the trip. This time we flew up to Montreal, across the country to Calgary, and then up! If there was ever any doubt, Canada is HUGE! (This is where most of my immediate family lives now, I was born and raised in the Toronto area, some immediate and all extended family are still there)

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