Friday, January 22, 2010

Canada, Remembered

How many airplanes did we take to get to Grandma's?
Kenna: 3
Brooks: 20
Kenna: no Brooks, actually we only went on 3.
Actually, we went on 8 for the whole trip

What was your favourite part of the airplane ride?
Kenna: passing out the drinks.
Brooks: Treats!

Which house do you like better, the Little House, or the Holiday house?
Brooks: the wittle house and the kitties, and dogs.

What was your favourite thing to do in Canada?
Brooks: Play leopards and kitties
Kenna: K is for kitties. I was holding them. Remember when I was holding Popcorn (a cat) in Janessa's book? That was so fun

What instrument do you like best?
Kenna: cello
Brooks: hoy-p (harp)
Mom: Which one do you want to play when you get older?
Brooks: da piano
Kenna: when I grow up I will do the dishes.

Where does Grandpa work?
Brooks: Peace Windows
Mom: what does he do there?
Brooks: dey work there.
Where does Kaden work?
Brooks: da Botta Depot (bottle)

Which was your favourite room to sleep in at the Holiday House?
Kenna: I think I like the pink room
Brooks: I wike da blue one, I wike to sweep with Ness.

What do we buy at Superstore?
Brooks: Candy!! and penguins and jellybeans

What is your favourite chore at Grandma's?
Brooks: I clean the baffrooms and my fishtank

Did you like to go in the snow?
Brooks: I touched da snow.
Mom: is it hot or cold?
Brooks: it's cold Ma, it's just cold.
Kenna: I like playing in the snow and making snow angels, but I'm still learning how to do snow angels.

What happened to your chin in Canada?
Brooks: I got hit by de stay-ah's (stairs)
Then what happened?
Brooks: Then I got to da doctors, and get stitches. That's whats happening.

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