Sunday, November 8, 2009


I had my ultrasound on Thursday, and our little "Shauna-seed" is a big one! The baby is measuring at 22 weeks, and I am 20 weeks...She said my dates are right, it's just a big one! She asked how big the others were, I said 7lbs 12oz and 8lbs even, she said, "that is a pretty good size for you, but this one will be bigger!" Greeeat, I thought. The first two were plenty big enough for my size, thankyouverymuch. So we'll see. I'm wondering if it will somehow taper off and just be a normal size by 40 weeks (hoping).

The baby looks astonishingly like Brooks, and even moved like him. It's amazing what you can see on the equipment they have these days. Of course we both remarked about how much they resembled each other, and are thinking BOY, only because of that connection. So we will see how it all ends up! We are excited to meet the monster-size baby:-)

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