Sunday, February 1, 2009

To teenagers everywhere, it's official, I'm old

Yesterday evening I was planning to go on a "real" (no kids!) date with Brian to dinner and a movie for my birthday. Little did I know the night had other plans! We were dropping our kids off at our friends house to be babysat, and SURPRISE! I had such a fun time! I will have to post a picture of the cake my friend Sarah made, it was gorgeous! (I think someone got a pic of it - I of course did not bring my camera as I was not expecting this, and Brian didn't think to sneak it along) I guess the invites were black & white, and the plates & napkins were too, and she matched it all with a cake shaped like a present, all black and white, it was very beautiful (and tasty!).

Anyway, big kudos to Brian and Lauren for pulling it all off, and to Ben & Lori for hosting us all in their amazing house! I always have a blast hanging out with everyone, so it was a fun and memorable time.