Monday, May 19, 2008

Recent Idea

One slightly unpleasant aspect to my life is that I don't have a dishwasher. Or I should say, one slightly inconvenient aspect of my life...Something that really irks me is the never ending stream of dirty dishes. Everything is washed. Ideally, an hour later, it's all put away (I wait for it to dry. No way am I hand-drying it all!), and then there is cup, and a bottle, and snack bowl...I feel as though I am never done, and also as though my counters are never clear. I saw on someone elses blog a comment, something along the lines of "dishwashers are just dirty dishes storage". That got me thinking. I could have dirty dishes storage without a dishwasher! I cleared a space in my cupboard beside my sink, and I place all rinsed dirty dishes in there over the course of the day, until it's dishes time. It's been 4 days now, so far, so good. I was a little worried it would smell, but I am not putting the dirty dishes in there, full of food or pasta sauce, so thus far there has been no downside at all (those dishes are usually generated right before it's dishes time anyway). I am grateful for my precious counter space back. Oh, downside is that now my cupboard is more cramped...I have to reorganize all my tupperware to make room for some of the things in the picture. Oh well!

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