Monday, May 12, 2008

Ferocious Beasts

For those of you that live in the north, you have never had the horrifying experience of seeing one of these:

It's a camel cricket. Forget the possibility of hurricanes or tornadoes, the massive bugs and snakes around here are the one major thing that would make me reconsider my move to Virginia, if I had it to do over. They scare me to death and cause all sorts of paranoia. (No, I did not take that picture, I got it online). The pic really doesn't do it justice either, as to the size. Anyhoo, these babies can jump incredible lengths, they always jump towards you and bounce off your leg, they never jump away. Which I would find a nice bonus to such a horrible bug. I would have called them kangaroo crickets if I were naming them, as they have huge back legs like kangaroos. In any case, it was this very morning that there was one in the tub, and Brian was not there to kill it/flush it. I didn't know it was there until I already had Kenna in the tub, and there it is, swimming around. MOM A BUG! She loves them too:-). I actually got close enough to pour water over it continually, until it stopped moving, then scooped it up in a bath toy and flushed it. It took awesome amounts of courage, let me tell you. Inside I'm freaking out, outside I'm saying, "oh, it's ok, Mommy will just kill it". AHHHH! IT'S A BUG!

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  1. Ahh! I'm squirming and shivering just thinking about that thing in the tub. Unbelievable! I lose it at the sight of a spider on the ceiling (not to mention humongous milipedes, but that's another story).... I would absolutely DIE if I came across one of those creatures!