Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The bedroom and walk in got a coat of stain yesterday and poly today. The door is shut and blocked to keep the dust off so you can't see it yet. The colour is dark, but hides every stain on the wood (caused from leaks through the carpet I think). I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but seeing the bedroom 'done', it looks so awesome. The orange NEEDS to go now! This is what happens when you let renters paint! The kitchen is in the process of being done, and the main room will be last, but I can only take pics from the entryway to avoid tracking dust in, so tomorrow maybe I will post pics of everything done, or almost done.

It's brown, not black, despite what it looks like in the pics:-)

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  1. Hey Darla,

    The apartment looks good. Obviously the girls moved out? Where did Lauren go? Did B's folks move to VA?

    On Friday I heard a commercial advertising Virginia Beach! And, on Sunday morning we were in Niagara Falls and I met a guy from Virginia Beach! Small world, eh?

    Kenna looks cute with her haircut! And congrats to you, you sharp shooter!!!