Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My drawer for kitchen utensils etc was needing some attention. It feels like the only thing I ever use in there is the can opener and scissors, so I really thought maybe I could get rid of a lot of stuff I didn't need. As it turns out though, most of it is a not often used, yet legitimate kitchen item. Of course there were a few batteries, and broken items that I tossed...and I found a pair of scissors I thought was lost!



  1. Hmm,ok, so we pretty much have EXACTLY the same things in our drawer! And it about looks the same too :0) My mom gave me one of those counter-top lazy susans from Pampered Chef, but now that's jammed too!

  2. I have a counter top container for large spoons and ladles etc...again it feels like I only ever use 2 of the 20 I have...but if I get rid of them...suddenly I will need them again. I am into streamlining my house, as I am feeling like we are busting at the seams with too much stuff...but then what can I really get rid of? Such is life.