Monday, November 5, 2007

Tubby Fun

Well, I couldn't get him to look up for anything. I was trying all sorts of sounds and motions but nothing worked. In any case they both love their bath time, and now that Brooks is a bit older (with such a strong kick!) both Kenna and I end up soaked from all the splashing. Funny (as in weird) thing...Kenna really dislikes bath toys. She clears them all out and puts them in the basket. I get out a few for Brooks and she rounds them all up and gets them out of the water again. Only under threat of punishment will she allow a few toys floating around for her brother to play with. The moment he is out, she has them all away so she can resume her "swimming". Very hilarious! She "swims" on her tummy while flailing her arms and legs and sticking her face in the water.

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