Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Today is sort of a yucky day as I came down with some sort of flu last night. So we are just taking it easy today...

Kenna brushing her teeth after her bath. Notice the big mosquito bite she got yesterday. They just love to eat her, poor thing.

Playing after his bath. Notice the bruise on his forehead from Monday...Kenna "gave" him a toy, quite gently, of course!


  1. I call that flu "pregnancy." It'll get better in 8 more months. lololol Just kidding. Or am I? ;)

    I just LOVE looking at those photos. Whenever Holden sees them now he yells, "KENNA!!!!" Then I'll point to Brooks and say, "Who's that?" He'll answer, "Baby." Not as excited. lol


  2. Haha, this was definitely a real FLU...or possibly food poisoning? Not sure, but it was not very fun