Friday, September 21, 2007

A Mommy Trifecta!

Today we accomplished the 'impossible'...a perfectly timed 3 baby nap! I was watching a friends little girl Natalie today, and they had fun playing together.

A smile

Natalie and Kenna, feeding a baby doll and reading together (while waiting for Nat's mom to arrive, KenKen is ready for bed) Kenna gives her things and says "here you go" and "NatNat", of course Natalie doesn't want or need those things so they are rapidly discarded with Kenna following up behind, giving it right back

Brooks, the wiggle worm, while I was taking the girls picture.


  1. I LOVE the boy's hair. I haven't shown Trev yet, but I know he'll like it, too (wasn't he mocking you in August about cutting Brooks' hair?).

  2. I like it too, takes a bit to get used to it for really took him out of the baby look! In this pic of him I can really see Brian in him...phooey! They start out looking like me and then change to looking like him!

  3. Well, maybe it's not such a bad thing they look like him...

    lol ;)

    I know what ya mean about getting used to the look. The first time Trevor MADE me cut Holden's hair I thought I'd have a heart attack...he looked SO different. But then, I actually liked it more, even though it meant my baby was gone.


  4. Brooks sure looks like Brian to us too! Well, except for the ears! That gene passes on real well LOL