Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Kenna's first molar came in today! I noticed she had a slight fever yesterday, but no new teeth, so it just popped through today...she now has 6 teeth, with a 7th almost in - she is very slow with getting teeth.
Brooks can roll over, and actually fell off the couch on Sunday. Bad Mommy! :-( Of course he is totally fine, but we we really have to watch him now. He's officially out of the infant stage I guess.
In other news we had my Aunt & Uncle in town (they left this morning)...we really enjoyed having them (and all the cousins!). I will post pics when we get back from Myrtle Beach, with all the excitement going on around here, I actually didn't even take any yet. We'll have to set up a little photo shoot on the beach for all the kids, and hopefully we'll get some good wedding footage too.

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