Wednesday, August 1, 2007


This years Civic holiday (8/2/07) got me thinking about home, and wondering why there is no such long weekend holiday in August in the US. ?. Who knows. There must be something worth celebrating. All I know is that my mind jumps back to the things I once knew...Thanksgiving is always on a Monday, for example. I have to do a double take and keep on checking the calendar here...when is Thanksgiving anyway? Too close to Christmas is how I tend to think about it. Home sweet home. I am pretty much adapted to my surroundings though...Saw-rry, soda, even y'all when appropriate. I almost always remember the (in)correct spelling of words like Savior, color, labor and neighborhood. I really miss the "u" though. Oh well, no long weekend in August... we shall somehow survive. Vive la Canada!


  1. Well my dear girl. You need still need your Canadian mother to keep you straight! :) Perhaps your altered spelling has also created an inability to read a calendar, or do American's have different calendars too? LOL Civic holiday is on Aug 6 (not 08/02/07)
    I say this all in jest because we too have had to learn a new language. For example: You don't pay your hydro is a power bill!

  2. Right right, well that is kinda weird, cause I was thinking the Civic holiday was coming up soon (of course it is not on any calendar here), so I googled it and that was my finding...I won't say "American's" and roll my eyes, since I do have to live with them! - Darla

  3. I investigated a little bit..."Civic Holiday Aug 02 2007 in Canada
    Information about Civic Holiday dated on Aug 02 2007in Canada"...maybe it's on one day but celebrated on the next most convenient day?