Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bumbo seat

Brian left for work early this Saturday, and as I was trying to get ready for the day, I got the kids up and put Brooks in the Bumbo seat for the first time. Kenna took it upon herself to babysit him by reading a book. Too cute!


Playing with his hanging toys


  1. I would have definitely, definitely, definitely bought a Bumbo if it was around when the first two were little. I only heard about it I *think* when Tatum would have been too old for it and, well, by then I knew were were either having no more children or only one. And, of course, it's hard to convince Trev to spend about $50 (I think that's what they go for here) on one child. I'm so glad you got one. I know you'll have LOTS more children! :)

    So I found really cute orange fake Crocs for Holden. Other than getting the wrong size Keeley and I debated on whether they look too girly. We decided they were too girly. Which makes me sad, 'cause I want him to have them. We're going camping in a couple of weeks and they'd be nice for him to have. Oh well!

    I love the Bumbo, though. I really do. Sweet.


    P.S. BTW, I haven't bugged you and Bri lately about moving back. Can you? Please? Stouffville's so nice. Lots of new homes. A huge Wal-Mart. If only we had a Michael's, it'd be perfect.

  2. We got the Bumbo for Kenna (at your suggestion, actually). They run $25-30 at Costco, and $35-40 at regular stores. You can get a tray for them too, which I don't have...don't know that I really need it. Even now it keeps Kenna still, but she can break out of it with a little effort. Helps with the sitting still self control though...I don't think we could afford the affluent Stouffville!:-) Although, there is a little house in Dickson Hill that practically (or maybe literally?) has my name on it. There is always the complicated issue of jobs and immigration though, so for now we are staying put. Btw, I am seriously considering flying to Buffalo and renting a car to come up for Nicole's wedding...we shall see!

  3. Oh I hope you do come for Nicole's're more than welcome to stay here! :) Of course you could afford Stouffvillle...just move to your parents' home and Bri's an entrepreneur (sp?) so he'll have work no problem. It'd be more fun. 'Cause we're here. lol