Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Oh Well

Yesterday Kenna had her pictures taken. Here are the only two shots that I liked...unfortunately she was scared of the whole thing and cried most of the time, which is unlike her. Most of the shots were of her all puffy and red, or looking completely in shock. Oh well. The other thing...she fell yesterday morning and cut her lip. Her first time to bleed! Murphy's law says it would have to happen on picture day. Oh well.

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  1. That's the thing about having "professional" ones done...for some reason, they never look as good as the ones at home. Take the picture of Kenna in the blue swing outside covered in your drink. I'd blow that picture up to 3ft x 3ft and frame it any day over a Wal-Mart photo. Doesn't she look so cute with the remnants of your drink? :)

    YET!!!!....I still get the blasted pictures done at Loblaws. Why? Holden's cried the past couple of times and I stand behind the photographers like an idiot saying, "Holdie! Holdie! Holdie! Look at Mommy! Hi Babbbbbyyyyyy! What's that? See the froggie?" The lady must think I'm on drugs!

    Can you post of picture of you? I want to see your belly before you have the baby.

    Caralyn :)