Sunday, April 8, 2007

Helping Hands

This first pic is of the cutie-pie "helping" Daddy pack up for work (he is working near Lynchburg this week), by taking all his things out of his duffel bag. She found two walkie-talkies and that was the end of her usefulness. She loved dragging them around pretending to be Daddy.

And here she is "helping" Mommy get out some 'new baby' things. She wouldn't take a soother when she was a baby, but now is facinated by how chewy they are. She was especially into this alien one that she was given as a baby. It closes if it falls out of the mouth to protect from germs or whatever, but it is just hilarious looking! I think I'd be too embarrassed to actually let my kid use this in public. Could you imagine the stares?

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