Sunday, May 2, 2021

Brooks' 14th Birthday

Well, the boy knows what he likes...This is about the 5th year in a row that he has requested Tiramisu;-)
We had a fun work hard/play hard kind of weekend...his birthday was on a Sunday, so we did a few special things to make it fun on the Saturday/Sunday...including everyone getting their own little ice creams!
We took the boat out, although it was chilly water, so we didn't swim, just tubing. We took a splash of water, and this fish washed up onto the boat! LOL, and EW!
Brian just chilling out in the gorgeous weather!
Birthday cereal choice, yet again:-)
He started studying for his boat license prior to his 14th bday, so that he could get it right away after meeting the minimum age requirement. He finished a few days after his birthday, so now Brian, Kenna & Brooks are all official. I still have yet to get mine. I need to fit it into my schedule, but alas...😜


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