Thursday, April 8, 2021

DIY HairSpray

Well, I ran out of hairspray - and I don't use it often and it makes my head SO itchy. Like if I spend the time to curl my hair, I can't have it last more than a day because of how itchy the hairspray makes my scalp - I need to shower to wash it out - but the curls don't last as well without it:-/ So a little DIY that worked!! Held my hair like a wanted, even into the next day with a teeny refresh on certain spots. No itchiness, so a win for me!

I heated up 1/2C water on the stove top and stirred in 2t white sugar until melted. I added a few citrus oils for scent, and put in a little spray bottle I already had. Use as normal hairspray. Simple and easy! I posted this on social media and someone commented that they used to work in a women's prison and the inmates would melt down jolly ranchers to style their hair - so yeah. This feels very hard core, but hey - sometimes the chemical free life feels like this 😂

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