Wednesday, February 10, 2021

An Official Injury

We haven't had many "injuries" over the years - Small little things here and there, bumps and bruises - but we have been blessed with general good health, and apparently enough common sense to keep us safe 😜 So who would have guessed that one could sustain a fairly significant injury rolling over in bed?! Brooks was sleeping on Feb 4th, and rolled over...and popped his shoulder out! Unsure if it was a full dislocation, or a subluxation - seems like there's a difference, and it was probably a subluxation - however - 

He came out to the livingroom crying and holding his arm. It was nearly 10pm, and Brian thought we couldn't make it to the children's urgent care in time (closing at 10pm, even though just a few mins away), so he youtube'd a "how to pop a shoulder back in" video and he tried that. The pain lessened considerably after that - no tears anymore, but still painful - so we tried to rush him over to CHKD, but got there exactly at 10 and the doors were locked. Oh well! He was able to sleep on the couch propped up, with ice and advil, and I took him in in the morning. (The ER in the hospital is always open of course, but we didn't feel it warranted that, and with our insurance a trip to urgent care is significantly less expensive than a trip to the Emergency we probably saved over a thousand dollars, if not much more!)

Looks like the YouTube's served us well - all seems to be back in place.

They got him set up with a sling and an appointment to the Children's Sports Medicine Clinic.

He is growing right now, and it seems like needs to develop some muscle to help keep the joints and ligaments in place as they grow. He has another follow up with the Sports Clinic in 3 wks to check on the healing, but has to keep it immobile until then, outside of the small physio routine he is to do several times a day. He will have physical therapy at least a few times as well, we have yet to have that appointment, assuming it will be after the 3wk checkup! So yay for Brooks and the first "big injury" of the family! And yay for the rest of us who need to tie his shoes for him 😂

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