Sunday, October 6, 2019

Brooks' 12th Birthday Trip

So the big 12th birthday trip tradition is in full swing. Brooks has had a full year to think about what he would want to do/where he would want to go, and he decided - to watch the GOAT, Tom Brady play in person. 
To have that occur, he had to wait from his birthday in May, until the season started in the fall. We picked a day when the Patriots would be playing the Redskins, since that's our "local" NFL team, 4 hours away.
Brian and Brooks spent the weekend in DC. They rented Limes to scoot around town quickly and see all the sights.

They did quite a few of the museums, and scooted past so many monuments!

They ate lots of yummy food. Their hotel didn't serve breakfast so they had to go find their own...they were not disappointed. 

They got a donut the size of Brooks' head, apparently😂

Brooks' first NFL game - and note: little did we know that actually this would be Brady's last year with the Patriots, and also the Redskins last year as the Redskins. An epic choice and timing of turning 12! Oh yeah, and the Patriots won that day:-)
They had such a great time! It was the perfect weekend for Brooks, combining basically every aspect of his favourite things. Memories to last a lifetime! 💙

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