Tuesday, December 6, 2016

This Year - Pictures and Video

Another year of family pictures, done. This year the pictures seem more precious to me, for a variety of reasons. I am so grateful we are able to do this every year, and have such great memories to keep in our hearts forever.

This year we went with a new photographer, Virginia Stroud! I like to switch up the photographer each year, if I am able, because you get a different "look" in the art of photography, and lets be honest, we don't change *that much* in 12 months, and I don't want the pics to all seem like the same thing year after year. I was super happy with the pictures Virginia took...take a look for yourself!

This year Kennedy has made the request to transition from "Kenna" to "Kennedy". We're trying! Most days around home, it's still just Kenna though:-)

This year I started using a new makeup like of mineral makeup called Younique, and I've been loving it! I had the WORST breakout/red spots that day, and wow - does it ever do a great job and photograph well.
This year, we struggled hard to find a proper balance of priorities

This year the only clothing I had to buy for picture day was a pair of jeans for Grey - if all his pants don't have a hole in the knee, they are thread-bare-ready for one. I have a fun time shopping our closets to see what we all have that will match with everyone else, and not be too similar to the previous years.

This year we made a lot of positive, and yet hard changes to our family. We are all learning to be consistent in what God calls us to do.

This year, we made sure to be sure - love is sweet!

This year, these three kids have taught me so much about who I am - and how far I have to go. God is good to give us children who reveal to us so much of where we fail and how to grow...and they have no idea they are even doing it

This year we took a few really fun little vacations! We made a lot of great memories together.

This year, we went a little "natural"...nobody got a haircut prior to picture day! 😂

This year, we went to First Landing State Park for our pictures. The location was perfect!!

This year, we broke our first pair of glasses! And had our first prescription change:-)

This year, we have SO MUCH to be thankful for. And we are.

The stills are only some of my faves. To see all the pics, watch this short video put to music.

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