Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Kitchen Peek

I'd say "vote" but it's not really up to anyone but us, so whats the point, right? I would be interested to hear what you think though!

Our kitchen is coming along nicely for the upper cabinet part - which is all going to be open shelving (microwave above the oven, awaiting install - stainless steel to match the new dishwasher, and the fridge and stove we have not yet purchased)

The "look" we are going for is somewhat industrial and mis-matched, while being cohesive. So keeping that in mind, we want the shelving area to look clean and open, seeing as all the things on the shelves will add "clutter" and we don't want that!
These are NOT real shelves. We have installed the pipes, but the shelving is just scraps of wood we had on hand, to see what we like the look of. Our original idea was to do natural wood shelves, like the colour of the lower cabinets.
Here we have a "test" of white, natural and white with a grey edge

As it turns out I think we are leaning pretty heavily towards white shelving, because it disappears the best. The real shelves will be thicker than the stuff we put up to "visually test".

Yes, I did remove all the other straws, and left only the blue. Nothing like being visually assaulted by wrongly coloured straws. I might have created a bit of a problem. I'm sure amazon sells "Artisanal Straws" or something - I can't be the only one who wants to avoid neon pink, and green, haha!

It's been a slow process, but hey, it's coming together!! The area off to the left of the "grey" shelves will be floor to ceiling shelving at varying heights for coffee maker, toaster, mixmaster, etc. The piping is installed but I didn't put any fake shelves up over there.

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