Tuesday, December 8, 2015

House Update

A quick update on the house remodel! We've got Christmas decor done, and it looks so nice and cozy in here:-)

More details below - but basically all we have left to do this winter/spring (as soon as our coffers fill up a little bit again;-) It's actually not really a very long or difficult list, though, it is kind of an expensive one. Have you appliance shopped recently?! Holy moly!

Some painting touchups and paint doors
install crown molding
new stainless steel appliances
upper cabinets/shelving

But here are some pics of how it stands now! It's looking great, and we're loving it.
This is about where our home repairs are at the end of this year. An unexpected and pricey hvac system replacement at one of our rentals in late Oct meant that we had to delay a few things here at the Willow house, namely, new appliances and upper cabinets/shelving.
We still need to put up a mantel - it will likely be the same wood as the upper cabinets, so it's coming...
But it's ok! All our old appliances work just fine. In all their biscuit-coloured glory. And the upper cabinets would be nice - but again - we're fully functional without them, so it's more for aesthetics than anything else at this point.

This is the "weird" corner: Since we don't have upper shelving/cabinets yet, these are the displaced items. Eventually this will be a coffee corner - it could have many uses, but a place for a small table, chairs, pretty armoire styled cabinet or buffet - you name it, it could work. This house has a lot of versatility with the set-up arrangements.

Is it weird to be in love with a sink? Because I am!! This sink is so amazingly huge, it fits an entire load in it! So no dirty dishes stacked on the counter waiting for the dishwasher, everything is out of sight down in the sink!

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