Friday, September 18, 2015

Extended Family Pictures

We had Brian's family in town for a week in August, just before Meghan goes back to Moody for college, and Jake & are moving to Belgium!! Jake is continuing his education at a university there, so they are off for a foreign adventure in a beautiful country!
 It was fun to see everyone again, and while they were in town - a photo shoot! We hired Joel DePriest Photography to get some nice family shots, because it will be a long time before everyone is reunited.
Original family

All the girls
All the boys

It's us!

The sisters

Dale & Lauren

Us again:-)
Mom & Dad B

Ann & Jake

Grandpa, Grandma, and the Grandkids

Siblings: Lauren, Meghan, Brian, Ann
Siblings & spouses: Ann & Jake, Darla & Brian, Meghan, Dale & Lauren

With Grandma & Grandpa


Father and Son

The always ready pencil behind the ear...;-) Contractors at heart I suppose. I mean really, who needs a weird, square pencil at a photoshoot anyway? ;-)

Father and Son

Mother & Daughters

Goodbye to Jake & Annie! Have fun exploring the world!

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