Monday, July 27, 2015


Since we are virtually "family-less" here in VA, we adore getting to see so much family when we visit Ontario! I am from a very large extended family, and everyone still lives "in town" except for my parents and most of my siblings - so we don't get to visit them in ON, but do get to see just about everyone else! So fun!
My kids, my sisters kids, and then Mylah, Avalyn & Ellory - these are my cousin Dale's kids, so 2nd cousins to my kids

My kids & Lauryn's kids with my cousin Nicole's kids - so that makes Jackson and Aaron their second cousins

These cousins are actually not related, technically! They are cousins of Lauryn's kids, through her husband. Even though they're on the "other side" of the family, we'll still claim them! ;-) This is all the boys except Canaan. So we have Rome, Chase, Noah, Dante, Grey & Brooks

Now all the girls (and Canaan): Kenna, Mattea, Bella, Kayla

All the cousins again at Swiss Chalet

And the girls + Grey:-)

Cousin hot dog lunch at Ikea

Holden is my first cousin, and just a little bit older than Kenna. He slept over one night, and they all had a blast! So here are the 1st cousins once removed, eating a healthy (haha) breakfast together!

Kenna, Brooks, and 2nd cousin Hayden

Grey and Teegan (my first cousin) hit it off so well!

This is my cousin Scott's youngest son. Scott is about 10 years older than me. Kenna and Hayden are 2nd cousins and the same age.

Brooks, Holden and Hayden, beginning their paddleboarding adventure
Holden, Hayden & Mattea with my kids

my first cousin Keeley Shae, playing with my daughter Kennedy Shea

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