Monday, June 29, 2015

TV Cabinet Rehab

Tv cabinet back in Hugo house in 2010
Well, we needed a new tv cabinet. Like need not "need". It was purchased in 2007, from Walmart for about $100. This tells you about its quality, and also, that it really lasted longer than it should have! Moving it to the Willow house was not kind to it, and it was just so wobbly and unstable. Falling apart really. Knowing that it would have to move across the room in the Willow House, we knew it wouldn't be able to make. Moving it at all again would have it crumble. We needed to replace it, but decided we wanted real wood, nothing cheapo, but a quality piece of furniture. Which is pricey! Like, pretty much definitely over $500 for anything similar to what we'd want.

So, I came up with a diy plan: I have a friend who frequents thrift stores, (and you have to be a frequent shopper to find the best deals), and so I had her looking out for me. She sent me a few pics on her trips, but nothing grabbed me. Until she sent me this one:
It was exactly what I wanted! - Although, not just exactly like this of course. But I could see the potential. It spoke to me, as it were, and I could envision the perfection it would become.

I had my awesomely compliant husband oblige my demands with minimal sarcasm. We threw away 5 drawers ("I don't know why your mom buys something to throw half of it away" haha), and I had him cut away the bars between the drawers, so it was all an open space.

 I used Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue to paint it. This paint is a DREAM to work with, and goes over any surface with no sanding or scuffing needed.
 The paint is sealed with a soft wax, and then antiqued with a dark wax. This was very easy to do, and made it all look just perfect
The drawer at the top as been sealed with clear wax, and then antiqued with dark wax, and the drawer on the bottom has only been painted. See how the wax deepens the colour and the dark wax brings out texture? I sooo love it!
We made a shelf for the open are

We drilled holes in the back so cords can fit through

It's so gorgeous! I kept the existing hardware, and just painted over it. Brian was skeptical at my decision, but I am so glad I did this. I adore the way it turned out. I aged it also with the dark wax.

Our poor old tv cabinet on it's very last day in this world

In order to take down the walls in here, we have to change a few things around - so it's time to move the tv! First, we had to remove this ugly paneling.

It took a whole evening, but we moved everything across the room, and got it all working again. Not an easy task:-)

One of my favourite things: Our charging station. We drilled a hole though the back of a drawer, and through the back of the cabinet, and so now, all our charging items are hidden! No more phones, tabbies, etc all over the place out of every outlet in the room charging away.
A lot of charging going on!

 We decided to place the tv here, because once all the walls are down, it will seem more centered to the room, if centered on the wall, it will be too "in the corner" once the whole big room is exposed.
So for now, it's kind of blocking the door way, but it won't be, once there is no doorway!

So now, here's the other side of the room, where the tv used to be. Gotta say, loving this new arrangement!

In the daylight. I am so in love with this cabinet, it's not even funny. It turned out exactly the way I wanted it to, and what can be better than that?

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  1. This is fantastic! I love how you have up cycled something to build this, there is nothing more satisfying than creating something new from something else. It really does look great and you've inspired me to do the same, I can't believe how effective it looks now it's all set up, the color is perfect, too!

    Jeanmarie @ RVM Australia