Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I've had a few orders recently, and nothing on the horizon for now, which is fine with me! Gets a little busy sometimes around here! Here are a few orders that went out the door in Sept and Oct. My skills are really improving on the cookie front, I'd say. Practice makes perfect!

I was tasked with making cookies and a cake for a 50's/Mary Engelbreit themed Sweet 16. With the nature of it - and some last minute plans on our part, I wasn't able to get a single picture of the cake before it walked out the door. I finished it right in the knick of time:-) It was made to order: Red velvet with vanilla buttercream (I filled it with vanilla swiss meringue, and did the outside in a regular buttercream). Turquoise buttercream (fondant-looking, I used a hot off set spatula, water and paper towels to achieve this), with a fondant checkerboard border at the bottom, and Mary Engelbreit styled roses (circles on circles) in yellow and red. It was three 12" layers and weighed a TON once complete. But it was gorgeous:-)
A facebook steal from the party for a picture of the cake
Some of the cookies on display at the party

I loved everything about this theme, and these cookies! They wanted music notes in polka dots, some cherries, and then some 50's styled glasses and shoes. I do have to say, I was more than a little impressed with how they turned out. I loooove these glasses!

I used a "sunglasses" cookie cutter, but made my own shape of cat-eye glasses

And the shoes! Aren't they great?! I used a "running shoe" cookie cutter, and just decorated them to style

My first attempt at a lace pattern on cookies. Success!
The next set of cookies was made for a company that will give them away in "sets". The company colours are deep purple, smokey sea-from green and white.

I was really loving how the various patterns came together and looked so great together!
A really fun adventure! I am just totally loving learning how to use the icings and techniques to do more and more. The thing I have learned as being most important is the consistency of the icing. It's the hardest thing to get right.

There is just something really awesome about a cookie that looks too pretty to eat:-)

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  1. Love your birthday cookies! The cherries ones are awesome! Such an amazing job! If we lived in the same country I would definitely want you to teach me your techniques:)