Monday, September 15, 2014

Instagram Oct 2013

Just getting my instagram feed "recorded" more permanently. All captions are as originally captioned on IG
Beach day in October!

my love, of course is only CZ diamonds, but is simply stunning

Primo's pizza for May's 2nd birthday!!

Wow! its been awhile since we've seen this price!

"Darla" the ugliest shoes in the store...

Getting ready for the Zac Brown Band!

Why do opening acts always suck? Waiting (impatiently) for Zac Brown!!

Jump right in! #zbb

Kind of an odd ending, haha. A skeletal Zac Brown closes the show

My sleeping baby

Leftovers from Canadian Thanksgiving for lunch:-)


King Triton


Guess who's coming to soccer practice? First time in...years, I think

Ardyn, distracting everyone at soccer with her cuteness:-)

Co-op fun today...but man am I tired!

Christmas is coming! Let the preparations begin!

More crafting!

Picture day at soccer!

We found an old graveyard at soccer, graves dating in the 1700's! This one is a baby aged 5 days. It says "image is engraved in hearts of his parents and will never be obliterated"

Soccer team # 2 :-)

My Dad, and his namesake, Lleyton Gregory David

Pulling hair...on purpose:-)

So cute

Swimming in DC

Brotherly love

My boy

hanging out in the hotel

Good morning DC

Grey & Lauren, in DC

Jefferson Memorial

work, work, work! Getting this place rental ready is priority #1 now!

Mezzaluna ravioli, part of olive gardens deal, two meals for 12.99...highly recommended...along with the smoked mozz chicken I had last night:-)

I hear a voice calling me..."mom, this is a good spot, is it" no buddy, hiding in the fridge is really not the best spot, at all.

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