Monday, July 15, 2013

We're Here! & Toronto Zoo

So sorry for my lack of posting. We've been having fun! We left Grandpa & Grandma in NY (pics to come) and we arrived in Canada last Tuesday...but not after a reeeeeally long border wait. Niagara Falls is obviously a very popular summertime vacation destination:-)
It will be our turn...soon...ish...we hope...:-)
We are staying with my sister, Lauryn. FUN times ahead! The kids are getting along famously!
They are having lots of playtime! Auntie gave my kids sets of toys that her kids also have, so they all play together
The boys (& my niece Kayla:-) have the superhero set and play mats - the big girls have My Little Ponies:-)
On Thursday we went to the Toronto Zoo, which is a HUGE and spectacular was awesome even when I was a kid, and its even better now! Everyone had fun! We were joined at the zoo, by our Auntie Caralyn and 3 of their 4 kids.
Cousins Kenna, Mattea & Brooks, mixed with first cousins once removed (they are my first cousins), Tatum & Holden

My cousin, Holden is eight years old. He and Brooks are fast friends. He is also very very strong, as you can see

A little help, maybe

Here we have Holden, Tatum & Keeley (my 1st cousins), and then  Mattea & Kayla...with my kids of course. We're missing baby Canaan from this family/cousins shot.

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