Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Robot

We had a small New Years party at our house on New Years Eve, it was fun to have fun with friends and watch a lame-o motorcycle jump after midnight by Robbie Knievel. Our friend Sarah brought Catch-Phrase over. It's newer than our version, it's 'puffy' and white, with blue oval buttons. Brooks immediately claimed the thing as "my robot!", and puts on his Robot voice (flat and monotone) saying "Waw-wee, E-wah, Waw-wee, E-wah" (Wall-E, Eva). I could really see how he thought it looked like an "Eve" type of robot, it was so cute that he made that association. (My kids are huge Wall-E fans!, I am going to have to buy it for a birthday this year so they stop harrassing me to rent it. We love redbox!) Speaking of Redbox, Kenna has figured out what it is, and it's proving to be an effective motivational reward for her with regards to potty training. She is 100% trained with the peepee part, but has some struggles with other things:-) The incentive of getting a redbox movie works better than candy or toys!

Much to our delight on Christmas morning she went potty and did "other things" all by herself with no promptings for the first time! She's turned a corner and is pretty much officially a big girl now. The funniest thing that happens almost daily is she turns into a "Worm-aid" (mermaid) when she puts her pants back on with two legs in one pant leg. It's to cute to see her hopping out of the bathroom "MommmmmM! I need help!" I can't believe she'll be three in a few months. Yikes.

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